The new relaxing island

So my family has just moved again, now their new love is the small island of Guernsey just of the coast of France. The place is beautiful, there a very nice and cosy little restaurants, the people are very nice and the shopping is great!


One of the restaurants that has a great burger, (because we all love burgers) recommended by my grand-parents who just moved there, is ‘La Reunion’, in Saint Peter’s Port. The ambience is chic and relaxed and the view of the see is breathtaking.

Another nice restaurant this time for the best seafood on the island is ‘le Nautique’ also in Saint Peter’s Port. Again here the ambience inside is cozy and looks like a cabin a large sailing boat, which always makes you feel in the right place to eat the delicious seafood served there. It is right off the port, so while you eat you can admire the beautiful boats docked there!




The new beast around the block

ABT being a stock car tuner for Audi, have re-made my favourite car off all, the Audi RS6, but only now they have called it the RS6-R and it is a lot more powerful and pretty.

Please check out Shmee’s channel on Youtube, he always gets to try new cars and has a great reporting style on the automotive industry.


Stop dressing so European

I recently met a very interesting person…

Her fashion style really stood out from the whole lot. I talked to her for a while, finding out the she was from Turkey. I hadn’t met many Turkish people, but her fashion style, really made me want to meet a lot more of these amazing people.

I went on to ask her about her style, that is very different from us people in Europe. I thought that it was much more elegant and a whole lot less subtle. She told me that in Turkey, the fashion is colourful and standing out is key.

Therefore I decided to take a look into it and see what styles the fashion industry is giving us over there.


I found this site where they talked about how women dress over there. The writer goes on to write “Turkish women and their fashion sense are more comparable to French or Italian women”.Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 17.24.57.png

At least I now know my next shopping destination!!




These accessories are needed all year round, whether you are in the alps skiing or on the French Riviera. Over the past decades shapes and styles have gone through many design changes. You my think of the iconic aviatiors on Steve Macqueen, or the classic wayfarers from the 90s.

The first picture is from Dior, the second from Tom Ford and the third from Prada.


These are the best four ultimate performance cars. They are the ultimate expression of mankind’s ability to combine incredible speeds with technology. They are the most striking, powerful, fastest and best looking cars of the century. They are built with the rarest materials, carefully engineered to reach top performance. Four prestigious car manufacturers (Koenigsegg, Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche) compete between each other in order to create the best one. Extremely appealing to the eye, the motorsport industry have pushed the limits which were previously thought impossible. The manufacturers’ idea was to use the electric car model, not just to aid the environment but to make their cars more powerful than ever before. They are everyone’s dream cars.

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Sports cars

If you are a car lover and enjoy some weekends on a track with your friends, these are the cars for you. They are very performant one track and still are great road cars so you can show up anywhere in great class. You can be sure that eyes will turn just to look at your car.

Family sports cars

Who ever said that you had to choose between a family car and a road monster? It may have been true many years ago, but the German car makers thought otherwise. These three cars prove that you can drive your wife and kids around in true comfort without compromising on power. These cars push the limits of family road cars and are even keeping up with some sports cars, so what out sports car owners, you may get overtaken by a family four on the highway anytime soon!