This restaurant on Regents street is one of three in Central London. It is the perfect go to restaurant for dinner if you feel like a delicious steak, the waiter will bring a big stone plate with all the different streaks they serve and will explain which is cooked how and at its best. The wine includes extensive choices that vary from South African Wine to Australian and even Californian wine!



This Austrian restaurant based in the heart of London, on the lovely Marylebone High Street, is a great dining and lunch place, where food lovers will enjoy every aspect of the food and the location. The inside of this restaurant/bistro, looks like a cross between a hunting lodge and a fine bistro. The main attraction there is the wiener schnitzel, which is a typical Austrian dish and this place serves the best of London! I recommend this if you like meat a lot as it is the main ingredients of German and Austrian cuisine.

Capote y toros

The restauant called Capote y toros, located on Old Brompton Road, is in my opinion the nicest tapas restaurant I have been to (outside of Spain of course!). It is part of a larger group called Cambio de tierco, why is formed of four restaurants around the area of South Kensington. This I believe is the nicest out of the four, simply because I am a big meat lover and this restaurant is the one that serves fine spanish ham amongst other very refined tapas, such as a red tuna tartare chorizo, the name does not do it justice as it is truly delicious.

Got the time?

Watches are on thing that makes a man a real one! Who wants to just take their phones out to check the time nowadays? Or even ask Siri? That’s just so 2015! Now I believe that if a man truly wants to find himself in life and avoid an existential crisis, he should built up a collection of watches that he carefully picks. That is why I made this post, for you men out there looking for some nice watches, it may not be many but trust me, they are fine ones!

The first picture is from Patek Philippe, the second from Rolex. The third picture is from Hublot and the fourth from Audemars Piguet.

Suit Up!

To go with my post about smart shoes clearly you have to wear something on the rest of you body in order to look the part. If you want to be taken seriously, whether it would be in the workplace or around town, you should probably look to invest in a few of these. So here it goes…

The first picture here is from the Kooples. The second is from Tom Ford, the third from Corneliani and the fourth from Sartoria Rossi.

Smart shoes

Lets be honest here, whatever you do in life, the moment will always come when you need to seriously look smart/classy or whatever you want to call it. So this is why I put together this collection of smart shoes which could potentially make you look like smartest person out there, that could come in handy if you are trying to impress someone.

The first and second pictures are both from tod’s. The second is from Louboutin and the fourth is from church’s.